60 minutes to rejuvenate your body & mind

Please read these instructions thoroughly and also watch the short instructional video at the bottom of this page, as well as the important health and safety precautions. Following these instructions will ensure you have the best experience possible.

NOTE: If you have purchased the three-zone Heat Healer from Amazon with the white control box, please watch the separate instructional video for this model at the bottom of this page.

Where to use your Heat Healer

Use your Heat Healer on a comfortable, insulated surface. On a rug, carpet, etc will all work perfectly. Avoid using the Heat Healer on a hard floor (ie, tiles, floorboards or concrete) as a hard floor can draw away heat, especially in winter. An insulated surface like a mattress or rug will ensure you are comfortable and also that the most heat will remain within the Heat Healer.

PRO TIP: If you use the Heat Healer on a matress, place a towel underneath your head. Whilst the Heat Healer is fully waterproof, your head will remain outside the sauna blanket and you are still likely to sweat from your head.

Pre-heating the Heat Healer

Pre-heat the Heat Healer for a minimum of 15 minutes. The pre-heating phase for the Heat Healer is essential and just like an ordinary sauna, the Heat Healer requires time to warm up. 15 minutes pre-heating is standard and the longer you pre-heat, the warmer it will become.

What to wear and have with you

  • Wear loose fitting cotton clothing from top to toe (including socks!). We know that this sounds weird and you might think it will be uncomfortable, but trust us it works and it is best. If you don't have pure cotton, just wear something loose fitting that you are comfortable in. 
  • Ensure you have placed a towel down inside the Heat Healer on top of the Jade & Tourmaline stone.
  • Have a face towel draped over your shoulder where the opening of the blanket it. This will help to keep in more heat as well as come in handy when you want to wipe away any sweat from your face.
  • Have some water nearby in case you get thirsty.

Setting the temperature

A good starting temperature for your first time is 70c (158f). Then, once you start to get used to the Heat Healer you can either adjust the temperature up or down.

The maximum temperature is 80c (176f). Only use the maximum temperature setting if you are used to using the Heat Healer and are comfortable with it getting hot.

IMPORTANT:As the Heat Healer warms up and throughout the session, you will hear the control unit make a slight 'click' sound from time to time. This is normal and it is the process the control unit goes through in order to adjust and self-regulate to the correct temperature.

What to expect during your sauna session

Infrared sauna is a different experience than traditional dry Finish sauna. A traditional dry sauna will heat the air around you and you will immediately feel it as you enter the sauna. With infrared sauna (like the Heat Healer) your body is being warmed directly and this is a more gradual process.

For most people, the first 30-minutes will feel warm and snug, whilst in the second 30-minutes things will start to feel more intense. 

What to do during your sauna session

Use the opportunity to relax. Switch off from distractions like scrolling through your phone or watching TV. Try to just lay still and focus on yourself. Some suggestions on what to do during use of the Heat Healer are: 

  • Practice meditation.
  • Listen to music or your favorite podcast.
  • Practice breathwork (slow, deep and purposeful breathing is best during heat therapy).
  • Lay still and do nothing at all.

Will you sweat during your first session?

Maybe, but maybe not. Everyone sweats differently and it may take you a few uses of the Heat Healer to work out the optimal temperature and conditions in order to bring on a sweat. For example, you may need to adjust the temperature up or allow the Heat Healer to pre-heat for longer. 

It is also important to try and lay still during use of the Heat Healer. Moving around and fidgeting too much will allow heat to escape from the sauna blanket.

Though definitely not required, here are some tips we have found can really help to get your sweat going:

  • Try dry brushing your skin before use. This will help to gently exfoliate your skin and open your pores.
  • Try using the Heat Healer after a warm bath or shower. This will relax your skin and like dry brushing, it will open your pores.
  • Ensure you are well hydrated. It sounds obvious, but being well hydrated will help you to sweat more.

Health & safety precautions

Please make sure to read these important Health & Safety precautions. If you have any specific questions, it is best to consult with your doctor or health professional. 

Packing up and cleaning the Heat Healer after use

  • Turn off the Heat Healer completely and disconnect the power cables.
  • Allow the Heat Healer to cool down fully (usually about 15 mins). Failure to let the Heat Healer cool down could result in damage if you fold it up whilst it is still hot.
  • Wipe the Heat Healer down with any natural cleaning product or surface spray (Eg, anti-bacterial wipes or a home remedy of tea tree oil and water works perfectly).
  • Fold the Heat Healer back up and store in a safe place (Eg, under the bed or in a wardrobe). 

Important: Never hold the Heat Healer by the power cables connected to the blanket. Doing so could dislodge them and damage the Heat Healer.

Instructional video

Watch this short instructional video to see how to set up the Heat Healer, the best way to get into it and also how to pack it up and put it away.