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The ‘organic sci-fi’ interior trend: what is it and how did it inspire the new Heat Healer Energy Sauna?


If you search ‘organic sci-fi interiors’ on Pinterest, you’ll find a growing number of collections being cultivated by avid design fans. This slick new trend in interiors takes its cues from the elements of both organic (think flowing curves, natural materials, and harmony) and futuristic design (minimalism, metallics, smart lighting and home automation).

The blending of styles provides plenty of room to play: try mixing old with new, soft with angular, and a monochrome palette with powerful pops of neon.

When designing Heat Healer’s new Energy Sauna, founder (and passionate design-lover) Lauren set out to create something that didn’t look anything like a traditional sauna.

Her vision was something that would make a statement, but be able to blend into a home like a beautiful, design-led piece of furniture.

“The classic sci-fi movie Bladerunner was my mood board for our Energy Sauna” says Lauren. “I wanted to highlight the combination of futuristic Triple Threat Technology™ wrapped up in a modern and minimalist aesthetic that allows the piece to feel at home almost anywhere.”

“Above all, I love things that serve a dual purpose; the Energy Sauna is both a high-tech investment in your future health, as well as a beautiful offering to position proudly within your living space”.

Within the Energy Sauna, Infrared heat, red LED, and astronaut-approved PEMF technologies are grounded by their proximity to negative ion beads and crystals. The sleek white exterior neatly conceals the wealth of futuristic tech within.

Want more inspo?

Lauren shares her favorite designers that embody the organic sci-fi trend, and who provided endless inspiration for the design of Energy Sauna.

  • @patricia_urquiola - “Patricia is my OG of inspiration - she designed a tile line for Mutina ceramics which I used throughout my home. Studio Urquiola operates across industrial product design, architecture, art direction and consulting. In the future, I’d love to invest in a piece of her space-y ‘shimmer’ furniture offerings.”
  • @kellywearstler – “Kelly is the Queen of modern, exploring materiality, color and form with an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary, vintage, architectural, and organic sensibilities. She also knows how to put together a statement-making outfit!”
  • @en._gold - “Australian furniture designers Steffanie and Matt of en gold have carved out an aesthetic beloved by the ‘gram, which celebrates traditional craftsmanship and natural materials whilst redefining contemporary design. Check out their stone plinths to display your most precious possessions.”
  • @starck - “Known for creating ‘furniture that does not look like furniture’, Phillipe Starck inspired me to push the boundaries of what a sauna should look like, and always bring it back to the minimum.”
  • @antoniarolaestudi - “Spanish designer Antoni’s projects traverse lighting, furniture and even perfume containers, as well as ‘ephemeral’ artistic installations. His lighting collections, in particular the Palma pendant series, combine the organic and the immateriality of light.”