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Tight on time? Here’s how to build a personal wellness tech stack to get more out of your day.


In a perfect world we go to bed calm and relaxed, and wake refreshed and ready to go! Our circadian rhythm (aka our ‘body clock’) naturally helps control alertness, sleepiness, appetite and body temperature. But it can be disrupted by things like travel, work, stress, or an underlying health issue.


By tweaking your personal settings in the Heat Healer Energy Sauna at different times of day you can tap into these natural rhythms and regulate energy levels (power up! power down!) 


Here’s how…


Morning sauna (to boost energy and kickstart the day)

If you find you wake sluggish and need a caffeine hit before even hopping out of bed (me!) then you need to try a morning session in the Energy Sauna.


PEMF (or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) technology has been shown to enhance our cells' ability to produce energy. It also increases circulation and helps deliver more oxygen to muscles. In combination with Infrared heat and LED red light these Triple Threat technologies will improve alertness, reduce morning stiffness, and give you an energy boost like nothing you’ve experienced. 


The ideal settings for your morning Energy Sauna: 75upper/75lower/75dome; PEMF ON 30; Red LED lights ON. Coffee off (your choice!)


Midday sauna (to relieve tension and fight mental fatigue)

Feeling fatigue set in after an intense workout or in the middle of your work day? Try a 20-minute Energy Sauna break to relieve tension and stress. 


PEMF therapy helps speed up recovery by increasing blood flow and accelerating healing of tendons, ligaments, bones, and other tissue. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation. Throw in some Infrared heat to relax muscles and relieve tension and you’ll feel refreshed and recharged as you head into a super-productive afternoon.


The ideal settings for your midday Energy Sauna: 75upper/75lower/75dome; PEMF ON 20; Red LED lights OFF. Emails back on (or not).


Pre-bed sauna (to signal melatonin production and promote deep sleep)

At Heat Healer we’ve been a long-time fan of the pre-bed sauna sesh - this nifty life hack will cause your body temperature to increase and then drop after the session. In the evening, this sends a strong signal to your body to produce melatonin and start to power down.


Let the far Infrared heat relax your body, and reduce stress and tension. LED red light may improve skin quality and appearance (so consider it part of your nightly beauty routine as well). But don’t worry, red LED light does not contain sneaky blue light, which can affect your quality of sleep (so switch off those screens!)

Our Energy Sauna customers regularly tell us they sleep deeper after a nightly sauna - with one user tracking an extra 4 hours of restorative sleep afterwards. 

The ideal settings for your evening Energy Sauna: 80upper/80lower/80dome; PEMF OFF; Red LED lights ON. Screens off - please.


As a final tip, we recommend paying attention to how your body feels and responds to the Energy Sauna at different times of day and tailor your approach for maximum benefit. As with most health strategies, consistency is key - so find what works, and stick with it!


Thanks to some wise words by @marcchampagne, we love to take this nifty analogy and apply it to our approach to health and wellbeing. 


What we mean is, by combining a number of complementary wellness tools and practices, we can make more efficient use of our precious time, accelerate results, and achieve our overall health goals sooner. Win!


So what are some examples of practices, tools and technologies that go particularly well together? We’re glad you asked and we’ve created a handy list.


Here’s what’s in Founder Lauren’s wellness tech stack right now…


WHOOP 4.0 band.

5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes capture continuous biometric data so you can track and analyze physical exertion, mental load, sleep quality, general health, and your body’s ability to bounce back. 

I wear this device 24/7  - while working out or working, in the sauna or in bed - because it helps me understand the precise effect each activity has on my wellbeing, so I can make adjustments in real time.”

Theragun PRO Plus.

The latest Theragun boasts six therapies in one: near Infrared LED to boost healing, vibration therapy to relieve joint pain, heat to loosen stiff muscles, cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling, guided breathwork with haptic vibration cues, and the percussive massage therapy that Therabody has always been known for. 

“I like to use my Theragun PRO Plus after a high intensity workout, combined with breathwork, to set myself up for a killer productive working day.” 

Heat Healer’s Energy Sauna.

Infrared heat, Red LED Light, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technologies come together in one statement device, designed to propel you to peak performance. Relax, reenergize, detox and revitalize every part of your body in just one session. Recently, an Energy Sauna-devotee reported to us an extra four hours of restorative sleep after using the device, as clocked on her activity tracker. (Four hours!) 

 “I love a pre-bed sauna every Sunday evening, combined with meditation or visualization - it guarantees the most restful and rejuvenating sleep of my life!”

Vedic Meditation.

The OG of wellness ‘tech’, Vedic Meditation was invented thousands of years ago. This mantra-based form of meditation helps lower stress hormones such as cortisol and balances brain waves. It also produces helpful hormones (such as oxytocin, DHEA, GABA, and melatonin). 

 “I am particularly drawn to this practice around sunset (known as Sandhya kala, or transition time, in Sanskrit) sometimes whilst in the Energy Sauna. I love to feel my pulse slow and my mind let go of the day’s mental load.”